Pride Prejudice and Zombies, a Love Story

Pride Prejudice and Zombies most definitely combined romance and zombies seamlessly.  The film flowed very smooth and I really enjoyed watching it.

When I first saw Lily James, she was the sweet Cinderella, in Disney’s live action.  Now, she’s a bad ass, yet sweet zombie killer.  It really boils down to being able to defend herself, along with her sisters.

I am not going to describe the whole movie, after all if you really want to know, you can peek at its profile or go see it.

All I know is I went through a lot of emotions watching the film, from a feeling of wanting to kick some zombie butt, to hatred, to laughing, and of course, to feeling the love between two characters.

It was fast paced, didn’t drag at all.  Lena Heady was amazing.  She truly is one of my favorite villainous people.  No matter what role she is in, if she is  a baddy, I love it.  Eye patch and all.

If you are looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, I recommend Pride Prejudice and Zombies.  Yes, I know DeadPool is coming out as well, but give this one a shot, it will hold you over until The Walking Dead returns Sunday.