Arsenal Comics Takes Comics Beyond Expectations

Arsenal Comics Midnight Release. Photo by @capricefilms

Comic book stores have become a staple in my weekly life.  I am always in the shops on “new comic book” day, Wednesday.  I make a list of upcoming comics, current ones I am reading and new ones I’d like to try.  I don’t exactly live in the heart of comic book shop territory, but about a year ago I found a comic book store just minutes away from my house called Arsenal Comics. I went in a few times over the year, but hesitated to set up a pull file, even though the owner had special ordered a comic for me that I just could not find anywhere. Maybe it’s just a habit or fear of change but for the longest time I continued to drive out to the comic book shop I go to most often.

Captain America Figure; Photo by @capricefilms

Last night there was a change, something that I personally had never seen happen in a comic book shop.  Yes, I do go to midnight releases of video games, but of comics?   I’ve never heard such a thing!  That is, until last night.  The release of Batman Rebirth 21-along with a super cool Comedian Watchman button, and Secret Empire #0, warranted a fun midnight opening.  Not only were there giveaways, donuts, picture and just all around fun, all of the new releases for Wednesday were available at midnight.  For me, a dream.

Batman Rebirth 21, pin, and Secret Empire #0. Photo by @capricefilms

What I found most impressive was that the owner, Timmy Heague was actively involved in the release process.  I haven’t seen a midnight release handled with such order and all the while, being friendly and upbeat.  I was completely impressed by not only him, but his small staff who was working with him.  Did I mention this is an Eisner Nominated Comic Shop?  I left feeling as if I would be back many times after this, he truly made all the difference.  The last opening, the customer service, and for me, having all the Wednesday releases available that night.  I wish that would happen every week, I know I’d go.

So if your in the Ventura County area, look them up you won’t be disappointed.  In the mean time, check out their Facebook page, 

I’m sure we will see more events such as this in the future.  If you keep track of their social media many cool events are announced.  That’s how I found out about the midnight release.   There was even some cosplay going on!

Cosplay Photo by @capricefilms