Why FortNite Has Everyone Playing

FortNite seemingly came out of the shadows. It was talked about and then it appeared. People from all walks of life joined the bandwagon. Children, teens, adults. What is it about a game that appears to have been made in the 90’s?

I know when I play FortNite I enjoy smashing and grabbing wood, opening chests and completing challenges. I may not be the best player but I enjoy myself.

After all isn’t that what gaming is all about? Some take it to competitively, others personally. When it comes down to it, sure we all want to win, but we want to have fun playing.

FortNite brings people together. Whether your playing alone or on a squad, due to the storm shrinking, it pretty much pushes you all together.

Aside from challenges, the building of forts is essential to a good round of FortNite. Building so high and gaining the upper hand. It becomes fun, something you want to perfect.

Each round if FortNite is different. People land in different areas, trying to do different things. Yet ultimately the goal is to win, either solo or in a squad.

If your looking for something to occupy your time, try FortNite.