Jodi Whittaker is Doctor Who

Jodi Whittaker has taken over the helm of Doctor Who. Whittaker has become the first female Doctor ever and she is doing an amazing job. Even as a woman I was skeptical, after all my Doctor is Matt Smith. It was a Christmas timeh and I decided to figure out exactly what Doctor Who was all about on the BBC channel.

I instantly became hooked. The zany crazy things he always got himself into and out became something I enjoyed regularly. I found him to be perfect as the Doctor (as I have seen clips online). I watched his season and then lost interest on the 12th season.

Enter the announcement of Jodi Whittaker. I thought this was an awesome idea, and it lived up to everything it possibly could. Jodi brings something to the show I haven’t seen before. The way she speaks the dilemmas she finds herself in, perfectly follow how the Doctor would handle it. Though to me her delivery is amazing. Jodi is hard to not like, though I am not speaking for everyone. I totally enjoy watching the show.

Her companions are great, fun, and always there for her. We still don’t know much about the Doctor, but we know her mannerisms, where she’s from and we know about regeneration. I don’t think we need to need much more expect what we are going to find ourselves in each week.

Be sure to catch the New Years special. I think it’s going to be great. As always its on BBC. The first Doctor you watch, becomes your Doctor.