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DC’s Shazam! Has Come and Gone

Zachari Levi as Shazam!

I saw Shazam! a few days before it was released to the public. I can’t say it was the best DC movie that I’ve watched. In fact not even on my radar. This is just my opinion. Many people found the movie to be one of DC’s best. When I think of Shazam! and all the Batman‘s, Superman‘s,Wonder Womans and even Aquaman, I can’t even see a comparison.

Shazam official trailer

Shazam! was a fun movie. I did enjoy it. Zachary Levi was believable as being in a 14 year olds body. The film also touch on the foster family dynamic and the hardships that some children endure. Billy Batson developed some street smarts.

I loved his foster family dynamic and how they all cam together to conquer their foe. The scene where they all became “Shazam!” was pretty awesome and one of my favorite parts. All in all the film is a fun pop corn movie, even though this was a sped up origin story. I am sure they can develop him more and maybe join him up with Superman. I know there is a lot more to Shazam! then we saw. Old tv shows, comics etc. Shazam! isn’t new to most people, but if you just watch the movies he is refreshingly new. This is a great movie to take the children to, make it a family night. It will not disappoint.

Wondercon 2019 Begins in Anaheim CA

Official Logo of Wondercon

Every year geeks from around the world gather at the Anaheim convention center and celebrate, anything and everything they have a passion for deep in their soul. Many show it by Cosplaying their favorite character. Others may spend hours in panels with their favorite subjects or tv show personalities. Then there’s the ones who come and look for those hard to find comics, who go to the small press in hopes of finding an unknown comic to discover. Artwork is also a big item folks look for at WonderCon.

2019 Dates

Many people go and meet their friends and have a great time, enjoying what they love. In the middle of all that you may see a celebrity walk by or jump into your picture. Wondercon is essentially a smaller version of Comic-Con that takes place in San Diego CA every July. It is also put on by the same organization, so you may notice some similarities. Yet clearly you will see the differences. First and foremost you will notice just the sheer size. While Wondercon is a big convention, it comes not where near the size Comic Con. Literally Comic Con takes over the GasLamp area of downtown San Diego.

WonderCon in past years.

If your planning on attending Wondercon there are a lot of things to consider. What do you need to wear, what program are you going to follow and on what day. Who are you going to meet up with and when. It can be easy to get in a line and then realize, you’re hungry. One suggestion is bring food, snack type. Carry a water. I believe this Wondercon is going to be a bit on the warm side. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff where to go. Looking for a long time can cause you to miss that panel you were looking forward to or that photo meetup with your friends.

Think about parking. They do have a lot of information on their site on where to park, when to show up and where to go once you get there. Personally, I like to stay at one of the hotels so I don’t have to worry it. In the long run, it saves time and money.

Here is a guide they have on their website that might help some of you. They do have these available at the convention itself.

Wondercon Quick Guide

If there is anything you would suggest or are excited for during Wondercon, feel free to comment.

A Twist of Events in The Flash Trailers.

The Flash played by Grant Gustin

For those Flash fans out there, Tuesday is the day. The trailers that have been leading up to this weeks episode have been really intriguing. Especially the one that dropped at San Diego Comic Con 2018. For those paying attention, a twist. I found myself watching this over and over until it finally came out.

The Flash Comic Con 2018 Trailer

The Flash is a TV series on the CW, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash. The series began in 2014 and it’s totally has us captivated. Let us know what you thought of tonights episode.

Robert Pattinson Could Be Batman.

Image by @girlwbook

There have been rumors that Robert Pattinson would be replacing Ben Affleck as Batman. I think one thing wrong with thinking that is, he is in no way replacing Ben Affleck. Robert Pattinson would be a completely different era of Batman’s life. If you want to replace Ben Affleck, find someone closer to his age. This is my personal opinion.

I came into the Batman franchise with Christian Bale. Yes, I’d consider him “my Batman”. Prior to that I didn’t watch many of the movies that came before them.

Christian Bale

One noticeable feature that Batman has in the films is his mouth. I’ve always noticed that the way he speaks, the way he looks when he speaks sticks out from other super heroes. Robert Pattinson has that type of uniqueness in his mouth that he could possibly wear the mask and be a believable Batman.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattison also has the looks to be a solid looking Bruce Wayne. Of course, a younger Bruce Wayne. Now don’t get me wrong, at one point in my life I was an absolute die hard Twilight Fan. Robert Pattinson will always be Edward Cullen. We know that about him. Yet we as a viewer cannot block them into a certain character. People grow older, franchises end. New ones begin. If he is truly being considered, I will give him a chance. Robert Pattinson, if you have had a chance to watch his other films, is a solid, believable actor and can fill many roles. Batman would be no different.

Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen in the Twilight Series

Only time will tell who will end up playing Batman, if they are going for the younger, he is a good choice. True fans will give him a chance or whomever they chose to cast. Along with the casting, a great storyline is necessary to make it work.