Carrie Fisher Passes Away; Followed by Her Mother Debbie Reynolds

On Friday Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles.  Details of the events on the plane are slowly emerging, even a week later.  What we do know for sure is that Carrie passed away on Tuesday, December 27,  Heartbroken by the loss, her mother legendary actress Debbie Reynolds also passed away.

Carrie is best known for her portrayal as Princess/General Leia in the Star Wars franchise.  Her work within the mental health community is also not to be forgotten as she helped so many people and continues to help even in death.

Debbie Reynolds was in many films throughout her career, most famously “Singing in the Rain” at the age of 19.  The same age that Carrie became our princess.

Carrie was 60 and Debbie was 84.  They are set to have a joint funeral and will be buried at Hollywood Hills at Forest Lawn.

Batman v Superman Reaction

Today I went to see Batman v Superman and it exceeded every expectation that I had going in to it.  That is the one thing about reading early reviews, you can’t always believe someone else’s opinion on whether something is good or bad.

I for one  have an excellent opinion of Batman v Superman. Do keep in mind I am not a super fan of Batman or Superman, but this film had definitely turned my head.

Ben Affleck absolutely is Bruce Wayne.  From the looks, to the voice to his whole persona.  I think he embodied what it meant to be the batman and did it well.  This was a darker side of batman that we saw this time, and I loved it.

Superman is well, superman.  However there was a turning point where he realizes that he is living in a different world than his father and that things can’t always be the same.  At times you have to leave behind your clean cut actions in favor of some more sinister thought and actions.. It was at that moment that I knew he would become a character I would like.

Lex Luthor is the instigator in the film.  Pitting The Bat against Superman.  One of the most amazing fight scenes ensued,   It looked great on the camera..  Luther is a diabolic anti social twerp.  Smart lines were written for Jesse Eisenberg that for sure.

It’s once they realize that they need to come together to save Clarks mother.  Batman and Superman make an amazing team.  Especially when they add a one Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman into the mix.

Wonder woman blew me away. Her power and her might along with her sexy elegance make her a deadly weapon.  Her outfit was great, and her fighting skills were amazing.  Fought like a true Amazon princess.

There is so much more to say about this film.  I am going to go see the film a few more times and hopefully will give  a much better detail of the film.

If you have time, check this out this weekend.

Pride Prejudice and Zombies, a Love Story

Pride Prejudice and Zombies most definitely combined romance and zombies seamlessly.  The film flowed very smooth and I really enjoyed watching it.

When I first saw Lily James, she was the sweet Cinderella, in Disney’s live action.  Now, she’s a bad ass, yet sweet zombie killer.  It really boils down to being able to defend herself, along with her sisters.

I am not going to describe the whole movie, after all if you really want to know, you can peek at its profile or go see it.

All I know is I went through a lot of emotions watching the film, from a feeling of wanting to kick some zombie butt, to hatred, to laughing, and of course, to feeling the love between two characters.

It was fast paced, didn’t drag at all.  Lena Heady was amazing.  She truly is one of my favorite villainous people.  No matter what role she is in, if she is  a baddy, I love it.  Eye patch and all.

If you are looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, I recommend Pride Prejudice and Zombies.  Yes, I know DeadPool is coming out as well, but give this one a shot, it will hold you over until The Walking Dead returns Sunday.

Tomorrowland is Better Than it’s Box Office Numbers

I’m not sure what folks were expecting to get from the Tomorrowland film. Were they expecting to see Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland from the theme park come to life? I went into the theater expecting to see exactly what I saw. A place that was in a different dimension, a land in “tomorrow'” if you will, where the people there had the genius and creativity to dream up and make into a reality a better world.
A better tomorrow.
There had been much hype about this film in the years leading up to it, from when we got first glimpse of the mysterious box found that was supposedly Walt’s at D23.Interesting items that made sense for the film. Absolutely plausible too.
For me, it was the thought, the idea, that a place such as this could exist. Where people actually want to do good, and create. You could read into this movie with all the subliminal messages about our current situation in the world today, but thats not the point that Tomorrowland is , trying to convey.
Sometimes you can try to change people’s minds yet it doesn’t always work. When faced with imminent destruction only a few will step up and try to make a change. Sadly most will accept it.
I plan to see the film again. It was visually stunning. And while some say the story wasn’t there, perhaps they needs one imagination. Of their own .