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Renfaire 2019 Comes to a Close This Weekend

The last weekend for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Every year we look forward to forward to the lovingly called the Renfaire in Irwindale California. It is a welcoming faire where you can transform into whomever you would like to become. It’s not just a faire, its a complete transformation of time. Once you step into the Renfaire, you feel as if you are in a different time and place.

One of my favorite things to do is to shop. There’s trinkets, clothing, handmade items, kilts, toys. The list goes on and on. You could honestly spend a whole day shopping.

That is unless you are eating. The Faire has some of the greatest food you don’t find just anywhere. Personally I like the meat pies. Yet you may see someone with a turkey leg, or corn on the cob. Let’s not forget, there is a plethora of different ale’s at the faire. Different flavors, pear, many ciders. It’s truly a foodies paradise.

There are many events to enjoy. One being the queens jousting. Watching that jousting match is and always has been fun. Once the queen arrives, it begins. It is really something you don’t see every day.

As the 57th Faire comes to a close this weekend don’t forget to be there for the closing day parade. Till next year!

Official 2019 Rennaissance Faire Commercial

Long Beach Comic Expo is This Weekend!

Long Beach Comic Expo is this weekend February 16th and 17th. The website I linked to above will give you a list of all exhibitors and events that will be going on this weekend. There is a lot to see and do this year so get there early, and don’t forget to take into consideration, parking.

Just a few things I am interested in is the Cosplay Contest. That is one event where everyone’s creativity is showcased for all of us to see. The contest begins on February 16th at 6pm if you are interested. If that is the case please stop by The Geek Gastby booth between 5pm and 6pm and see Bernie Bregman to enter.

Another event I’d like to mention is the Space Expo. This is also on their website and it is a sporadic events and panels throughout the expo. It is in their calendar if you’d like to check it out.

Space Expo will be at Long Beach Comic Expo 2019

As always I’m there to check out the comics, find some new gems in the small press area, and discover some new stories before they are saturated in the store. I always make time to go through small press, this is where I find some of the most interesting comics. Yes, Marvel and DC, you can always count on them, but the small press area is a whole different ballgame and I love it.

If I do find a “hidden gem” I’ll be sure to write a review here so that you can check it out for yourself or ask me questions about it.

What’s your favorite thing to do at conventions? Cosplay, find a comic, meet up with friends..panels? Hope to see you all there. Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun!

Long Beach Expo is February 16 and 17 2019, at the Long Beach Comic and Entertainment Center.

Saturday 10am-7pm ($40 dollars for the day)

Sunday 11am-5pm ($25 dollars for the day)