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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is Here

Today was the long awaited first day of Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 Season. Players have waited through Epic games longest season to date. We found ourselves looking for things to do once we finished all the challenges, and honestly there were quite a few. Yet even without challenges the game proves itself quite addicting. Even though Battle Royals seems to have no point it definitely is competitive.

Season 2 Chapter 2

This seasons theme seems to center around gold, fiends and henchmen. It now has a new Chaos engine, though personally I don’t see a difference. However we have to remember, it’s day one. Overall I think it will grow on me.

I definitely like the aesthetics of the game. It looks great, I’m more talking about the cut seems. As for the map, to me it seems pretty much the same with a few items added, some taken away. I still can find my way around the map and maybe stumble on some new landmarks. The battle pass is worth it, has a lot of skins and emotes, much like last season.

Peely in his suit.

As I said overall I like the game, I’m not quite happy that they have removed the snipers from solo games and still left grey guns in that mode. Now in rumble you have blue or better guns in the game and sniper rifles. Why it’s this way, I do not know. I’m hoping that they one day soon put in some transportation, these speed boats only work if the river is going to where you’ll be out of the storm. I see heli pads around but no helicopters as of yet. Day one is a mixed bag of likes and dislikes. I do think Epic listens to its players so we may see some patches soon. What are your thoughts?

Microsoft Shows off It’s Fortnite Bundle and Its Purple

Microsoft has announced a purple Xbox one Fortnight bundle ahead of E3, which begins next week on June 11, 2019. The all digital console will release as of June 7, 2019. The Fortnite Royale Bundle includes a controller and 1 TB of storage. This bundle also comes with a Dark Vertex skin set, 2000 V-Bucks as well as one month of Xbox Live and Xbox Game pass.

Dark Vertex Skin

I know not everyone plays Fornite, and if they did they may be over it by now, however, even so, I think the color of the console is unique and its enough to make me consider buying the console.

The price is pretty fair at $299 in the United States. Great price for a console of any color never mind the extras that come along with it.

Console unboxing courtesy of Rabbit’s Unboxing Youtube Channel

Again this is an all digital console, where all games are purchased online and are available to you in the cloud if you were to take your console with you. The amount of games you can get digitally is astounding. While Xbox does have other digital only consoles, if you’re a Fortnite fan, this is definitely a console to consider, and remember, it is limited edition so there may not be a lot of them on the market. I know you can buy them off of the Microsoft website and a handful of 3rd party retailers such as Gamestop and Best Buy.

What’s Ahead For Fortnite Season 8?

New Season of Fornite is on the Horizon

Fortnite by Epic Games came to the gaming community in a very sly way. Most didn’t know what to think of it. It was a different type of game. It introduced us to what we now know as Battle Royale. 99 people ride in a floating bus over a multitude of landscapes, jump out and then it’s every one for themselves. What I found different is that we didn’t land with any weapons, therefore we had some quick looting to do, and hopefully find something worth our time.

First things first, the release date February 27, 2019. So we have 5 days to complete those easy sounding but oh so difficult challenges. One thing I like about Fortnite is that it always has a challenge for you to do. It’s never a boring or repetitive game. While you do build and loot etc, there is a thought process that goes into playing the game.. Without a game plan you won’t get too far.

One of the best things, in my opinion is all the different outfits you can put on your character. Now that does get costly but sometimes you just need a change. I do recommend doing this only if you really like the”bling” and can afford it. There are a lot of items you can earn, free. If you just like playing, I’d do that, since the actual pieces you are buying do not add any extra protection or unattainable abilities, its strictly cosmetic.

What can we expect in Season 8. One change is that if you completed all the required challenges you can earn season 8 for free. Which is nice, since it does run about $25.00 a season. We are speculating the theme this season will be medieval. As we all know we are playing in the snow, so its pretty safe to say spring is right around the corner.

Season 8 is going to be challenging. We’ve been at this for a while, and I think they are making it a bit harder to play. It might even be a sort of Game of Thrones tone. Now here is one thing I’m reading and I think its confirmed. If not, I apologize. The planes will be vaulted in season 8, meaning there won’t be any planes. Some people hate them, some love them. Others use them to their advantage. The map is big it is an easy, yet loud way to traverse the terrain. What are your thoughts?

Below is a concept trailer for season 8. Fortnite is known to switch things up, so this may change. Only time will tell. Till then. Check this out.

Why FortNite Has Everyone Playing

FortNite seemingly came out of the shadows. It was talked about and then it appeared. People from all walks of life joined the bandwagon. Children, teens, adults. What is it about a game that appears to have been made in the 90’s?

I know when I play FortNite I enjoy smashing and grabbing wood, opening chests and completing challenges. I may not be the best player but I enjoy myself.

After all isn’t that what gaming is all about? Some take it to competitively, others personally. When it comes down to it, sure we all want to win, but we want to have fun playing.

FortNite brings people together. Whether your playing alone or on a squad, due to the storm shrinking, it pretty much pushes you all together.

Aside from challenges, the building of forts is essential to a good round of FortNite. Building so high and gaining the upper hand. It becomes fun, something you want to perfect.

Each round if FortNite is different. People land in different areas, trying to do different things. Yet ultimately the goal is to win, either solo or in a squad.

If your looking for something to occupy your time, try FortNite.