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Don’t Compare Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman

To say that Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman or even Carol Danvers to Diana Prince are comparable will only set yourself up for a huge let down. Yet there are a few things they do have on common. Obviously they are both women, they are women who know what they want and get it, they are very skilled in what they do whether it’s fighting or flying a jet, They have likable personalities and they were both not completely told the truth about who they really are in this world.

The two are very strong but gain their strength and powers in completely different ways, much like any of the Avengers and the Justice League.

The two also have in common their strive for the greater good. They each try to do the right thing when they can.

One difference you must keep in mind is where Diana came from and that she is part god. Carol is not, her beginnings are here on earth.

The origin stories were meant to do just that, introduce us to them, and that’s what they both did. If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel or maybe you haven’t seen Wonder Women’s story, take time to before comparing the two.

Hope you enjoy the films and come back for more information on them.

Captain Marvel is Coming Soon, And We Can’t Wait

Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters on Thursday March 7, 2019. Followed up by Avengers: Endgame where we will once again see Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers played by the ever talented Brie Larson.

Captain Marvel is set to be an origin story for the characters before joining the Avengers in their predicament he find themselves in. Not everyone has red the comic and that is perfectly okay. I believe Marvel will do a good job establishing the characters back story. If you haven’t it yet, here is one of the trailer. Get ready.


SpiderMan Into The Universe

Spiderman: Into the Universe was a unique surprise. It is a animation version of our favorite Spidey character and it didn’t disappoint. I must say if you haven’t seen it already, now is the time. Sony Pictures has even given us readers a surprise by posting the complete 132 page script online. Click here if you’d like to read the script. I think that is a great idea.

It was refreshing to have a new take on such a great character. Spiderman was voiced by Chris Pine, Lily Tomlin as Aunt May and Hailee Steinfield as Gwen Stacy to name a few. Yes this was animated but the cast was wonderful, and I have only touched on a few. Hailee Steinfield you may most recently remember from the newly released Bumblebee movie that came out before Christmas.

The official trailer of Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

Spiderman: Into the Universe is definitely a film for all Spiderman fans alike, and even if you aren’t that huge of a Spiderman fan I highly recommend checking this one out. One might wonder, is there a Stan Lee cameo? I’ll let you find that out for yourself. In the mean time, check out the film.

Pre-Comic Con 2018 in Photos

As we all know Comic-Con 2018 begins this week.  It’s Monday and the San Diego Gaslamp is getting ready.   I came into the city early to see the seemingly overnight transformation. Some of my shots are on the ground, some are from my hotel room I have at the Hard Rock Hotel across from the convention center.

Even though not every event is set up yet, its still quite exciting to watch.  Comic  Con is my passion, and you can see more of my pictures on @capricefilms on Instagram and also on our Facebook page, which can be found on our main page.

This is just a small taste of what I am going to take pictures of during the week.  I spent most of the day exploring the city, the city that I love so much at this time.

I will be here all week documenting, in photos the amazing things I come across.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments.  Enjoy!