Tomorrowland is Better Than it’s Box Office Numbers

I’m not sure what folks were expecting to get from the Tomorrowland film. Were they expecting to see Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland from the theme park come to life? I went into the theater expecting to see exactly what I saw. A place that was in a different dimension, a land in “tomorrow'” if you will, where the people there had the genius and creativity to dream up and make into a reality a better world.
A better tomorrow.
There had been much hype about this film in the years leading up to it, from when we got first glimpse of the mysterious box found that was supposedly Walt’s at D23.Interesting items that made sense for the film. Absolutely plausible too.
For me, it was the thought, the idea, that a place such as this could exist. Where people actually want to do good, and create. You could read into this movie with all the subliminal messages about our current situation in the world today, but thats not the point that Tomorrowland is , trying to convey.
Sometimes you can try to change people’s minds yet it doesn’t always work. When faced with imminent destruction only a few will step up and try to make a change. Sadly most will accept it.
I plan to see the film again. It was visually stunning. And while some say the story wasn’t there, perhaps they needs one imagination. Of their own .