Felicity Jones Will Be Signing at Star Wars Celebration



If there is one thing I feel like I am missing out on at Star Wars Celebration this year it’s having a chance to see Felicity Jones.  Felicity will be doing a signing in Orlando at the Star Wars Celebration.  Rogue One was a key film for me within the Star Wars films.  In fact, absolutely integral to the first trilogy.  I always wondered how Leia got the plans to the death star, and now we know.  The mission that took place in order to retrieve it was one that we all needed to go on.

I though Felicity was perfect as Jyn Erso I don’t think we could have asked to see a better actress portraying the strong determined Jyn.  The strength within these films comes from the least likely individuals.  No matter what side your on, there is no denying, having an opportunity to speak with Felicity and get her autograph would be a great moment in any Star Wars fans life.