For the First Time Ever, Merchandise May Be For Purchase at E3


Front of E3 2016; photo by @capricefilms

E3, the coveted electronics gaming expo, was open to the public this year.  While only 15,000 of the estimated 50,000 attendees will be public, it is the first year that this has been done.  And with that,  in a note sent to E3 exhibitors according to Shacknews, the show will allow products and merchandise to be sold.


For me, someone who has been going for a few years now, this is a most anticipated occurrence.   You walk the show floor and see so many different products, items, games that you would like to purchase, but they seem to only be “for show”, literally.   Most vendors bring some really amazing technology with them, they even let you try it out.  I tried Oculus years ago prior to it being released to the general population.

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I’m hoping to see some anticipated games being sold on the show floor.  Yes, I still would like to see upcoming games, but to walk away with a game before its actually released would be awesome.  I look forward to this years E3, an avid gamer myself this always shows me things to look forward to throughout the year.  There are still tickets available on the E3 website if you having gotten yours yet.  June 13- June 15.  Prepare for gaming overload!

Photo gallery credit @capricefilms