Halloween in July, Midsummer Scream

This year was our 2nd time attending the Midsummer Scream convention in Long Beach California.  We love Halloween and October is a long way away.  Its conventions like these we wait for to hold us over until Halloween.



“Come closer I may have some candy”

This year the convention was much bigger than in years past.  Many booths and many walkthroughs.  It truly felt like Halloween.  So much so we didn’t want to leave.

“They Live”

The booths were decorated, the picture above is from a great film called “They Live”.  It really makes you think, and the picture is on point.  There were scary walkthroughs on the other side we could have went through but this year we focused on the booths and what the convention had to offer.

This will hopefully become a tradition each year, and will be something we attend in addition to SDCC, Wondercon and LA Comic Con.  Everyone who likes Halloween in July should check it out!