What We Thought of Roswell New Mexico Tonight.

Roswell New Mexico on the CW

Roswell New Mexico is a show on the CW that started back in January on Tuesdays. Since then I’ve had a pretty full night on Tuesday, between this and the Flash I barely have time to watch anything else. This is also a show that was playing back in 1999, though not long lived it still has a rather huge following. However I wouldn’t call this a reboot, it is set 10 years after the books.

Here is the trailer I saw last July at San Diego Comic-Con and since then I haven’t been able to wait. I’m glad I did, this show is well written and so captivating. If you’re now watching, you should start. Now. Here it is, the trailer from 2018.

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’ve watched tonights episode. What did you think of tonight’s big reveal? Did you like it? Personally I loved it. This show is a love story at its core, for me that’s the draw. Keep checking back for more updates on Roswell and other shows.