What’s Ahead For Fortnite Season 8?

New Season of Fornite is on the Horizon

Fortnite by Epic Games came to the gaming community in a very sly way. Most didn’t know what to think of it. It was a different type of game. It introduced us to what we now know as Battle Royale. 99 people ride in a floating bus over a multitude of landscapes, jump out and then it’s every one for themselves. What I found different is that we didn’t land with any weapons, therefore we had some quick looting to do, and hopefully find something worth our time.

First things first, the release date February 27, 2019. So we have 5 days to complete those easy sounding but oh so difficult challenges. One thing I like about Fortnite is that it always has a challenge for you to do. It’s never a boring or repetitive game. While you do build and loot etc, there is a thought process that goes into playing the game.. Without a game plan you won’t get too far.

One of the best things, in my opinion is all the different outfits you can put on your character. Now that does get costly but sometimes you just need a change. I do recommend doing this only if you really like the”bling” and can afford it. There are a lot of items you can earn, free. If you just like playing, I’d do that, since the actual pieces you are buying do not add any extra protection or unattainable abilities, its strictly cosmetic.

What can we expect in Season 8. One change is that if you completed all the required challenges you can earn season 8 for free. Which is nice, since it does run about $25.00 a season. We are speculating the theme this season will be medieval. As we all know we are playing in the snow, so its pretty safe to say spring is right around the corner.

Season 8 is going to be challenging. We’ve been at this for a while, and I think they are making it a bit harder to play. It might even be a sort of Game of Thrones tone. Now here is one thing I’m reading and I think its confirmed. If not, I apologize. The planes will be vaulted in season 8, meaning there won’t be any planes. Some people hate them, some love them. Others use them to their advantage. The map is big it is an easy, yet loud way to traverse the terrain. What are your thoughts?

Below is a concept trailer for season 8. Fortnite is known to switch things up, so this may change. Only time will tell. Till then. Check this out.