Don’t Compare Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman

To say that Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman or even Carol Danvers to Diana Prince are comparable will only set yourself up for a huge let down. Yet there are a few things they do have on common. Obviously they are both women, they are women who know what they want and get it, they are very skilled in what they do whether it’s fighting or flying a jet, They have likable personalities and they were both not completely told the truth about who they really are in this world.

The two are very strong but gain their strength and powers in completely different ways, much like any of the Avengers and the Justice League.

The two also have in common their strive for the greater good. They each try to do the right thing when they can.

One difference you must keep in mind is where Diana came from and that she is part god. Carol is not, her beginnings are here on earth.

The origin stories were meant to do just that, introduce us to them, and that’s what they both did. If you haven’t seen Captain Marvel or maybe you haven’t seen Wonder Women’s story, take time to before comparing the two.

Hope you enjoy the films and come back for more information on them.