Game of Thrones Final Season is Almost Here!

If your like me, you may be re-watching Game of Thrones. Yes, I know there is a ton of episodes to be refreshed on before the final season returns for it’s 8th season on April 14th. I’ve decided to re-watch the first season in its entirety.

King Robert, Don’t ya just miss him?

From there I am going to watch the episodes I feel are the most important (as if they all aren’t). I will watch the last few episodes of the final season for a refresher. Just watching it has me pumped up for the final season. I can’t wait to see how all these moving parts work out, after all these years.

The Throne we all want to sit on.

Sometimes we forget that the main reason we watch is to see who, if anyone (considering the white walkers) gets to sit on the throne. It can get confusing at times, but that’s what re-watching helps with before watching the next season.

I do have an unpopular opinion, and I’ve had it since season one. I would love to see Cersei on the throne. Seems unlikely, but I can still wonder. Most believe it will be Jon Snow or Daenerys. I do also think one of the Stark children, most likely Arya or Bran will take the throne. I only hope there’s people left after the white walkers do their thing. Really, it could go any way, but the way we all think. It’s fun to come up with theories but even better when we actually get to watch. We are so close.

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Remember. Winter is coming.