Game Over, Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen

Yes, Game of Thrones season 8 is upon us. From here on there may be some spoilers from Season 8 Episode 5, so if you haven’t watched it yet, please don’t keep reading. I will speak mostly from opinion but it is definitely based on the last episode this past Sunday.

In the episode “The Bells”, we lost a few important long running characters due to Dany and her infuriated dragon flyover of Kings Landing. It was when the bells of Kings Landing tolled, signaling a surrender of the Cersei and her army, you can see a sort of sigh of relief from Cersei, one we normally do not see from a character such as hers. Thinking it was all over, the bells seemed to trigger something in Dany. Yes, madness does run in her family, we all remember the Mad King, but at this point in the story, Dany has lost everything. People seem to love Jon Snow, she’s killed Varys for treason, and her dear Jorah is dead so really at this point she has nothing to live for, this is when she unleashes fire on the city. This has been a bit out of her normal where she has spent seasons trying to save innocents.

The show has never failed in entertainment value as well as great story development. This last season seems rushed. Where normally a villain would receive a crazy death when deserved, this episode finds Cersei, the last and one of the most cunning villains the whole show has seen, led to a death by being crushed under the red keep with her brother Jamie. Fitting yes, proper, no. No-one got the satisfaction of taking Cersei out. Mind you, I have been a Cersei fan since the beginning, even to the last minute I wanted to see her on the throne. In fact, I still do.

We have one episode left, it’s hard to believe that they can end storylines, put someone the throne and actually give us a satisfying ending to this long running show. The throne, should it still stand, could be anyone’s now. I don’t think Arya has it in her to keep fighting, not after what she saw that day. To wrap up Bran’s storyline will be something of a mystery. If they don’t, it was all for nothing so he may actually be a major player in the last episode. Even though Brieanna’s heart is broken, she still maybe able to protect the Stark sisters by taking out Dany. As for Jon Snow, I have no expectations from him, I never have the whole show.

The last episode of Season 8 airs this Sunday on HBO. What is going to happen remains a mystery.