Microsoft Shows off It’s Fortnite Bundle and Its Purple

Microsoft has announced a purple Xbox one Fortnight bundle ahead of E3, which begins next week on June 11, 2019. The all digital console will release as of June 7, 2019. The Fortnite Royale Bundle includes a controller and 1 TB of storage. This bundle also comes with a Dark Vertex skin set, 2000 V-Bucks as well as one month of Xbox Live and Xbox Game pass.

Dark Vertex Skin

I know not everyone plays Fornite, and if they did they may be over it by now, however, even so, I think the color of the console is unique and its enough to make me consider buying the console.

The price is pretty fair at $299 in the United States. Great price for a console of any color never mind the extras that come along with it.

Console unboxing courtesy of Rabbit’s Unboxing Youtube Channel

Again this is an all digital console, where all games are purchased online and are available to you in the cloud if you were to take your console with you. The amount of games you can get digitally is astounding. While Xbox does have other digital only consoles, if you’re a Fortnite fan, this is definitely a console to consider, and remember, it is limited edition so there may not be a lot of them on the market. I know you can buy them off of the Microsoft website and a handful of 3rd party retailers such as Gamestop and Best Buy.