Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves

It’s been weeks, months, years that we have been waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. Now with that being said I am very pleased that Keanu Reeves is joining the games. I don’t know if that was the plan all along or if it just came up recently. Either way, I’m pretty happy with it. If you are attending E3 this year, CD Project Red has announced that they will be having demos on the show floor and b behind closed doors. his may be on I will try to play. I’ve waited so long for this game.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 cover

We finally have a release date of April 20, 2020. That isn’t too far away and it makes me happy that we don’t have to wait too much longer. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, in Cyberpunk you are a customizable mercenary v. It is set in a dystopian Night City in California. It is an open world game with 6 distinct regions, played in a first person perspective.

Keanu Reeves

I do not believe that Cyberpunk will have a mulitplayer mode, however if the story is strong, we won’t need one. There is alot of hype around this game, more than I could write here, but I will leave the trailer below.

Keanu Reeves Cyber Punk Trailer