About Us

We are a The Geekquinox Effect.  We write articles you want to read.  We take pictures that you want to see.  We spend a lot of time at conventions.  Such as WonderCon, San Diego Comic Con, LA Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Mid Summer Scream, and many more.

We also document our travels throughout So Cal.  We always put up our hotels and how the stay was so if you decide to visit you can know what to expect.

Now for an introduction, I am Cristy.   I’ve lived in Southern California for 8 years, I am from Connecticut.  What world of difference.  I do most of the writing for the page, but not all.

The photographer is Caprice Conley.  Caprice has been featured on multiple news outlets and takes some excellent pictures.  Caprice also writes for the site.  Native to California.

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