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Visiting San Diego Without SDCC

Decor inside the Nautical theme of the Moxy Hotel.

Not all trips I make to San Diego are for San Diego Comic Con. I do make some trips ahead of time to check out some hotels that may or may not be in the hotel lotto. If its off season, you can usually get a reasonable price.

This week I spent some time at The Moxy hotel. This was a hotel that I came across while scrolling for a deal on Expedia. This hotel caught my eye. With its eye catching logo, and proximity to the convention center, I decided to click on it. The rooms looked nice, the lobby looked fun, and the price was right.

The logo of the Moxy hotel.

The Moxy is part of the Marriott family of hotels. Which usually are pretty comfy hotels with great amenities. This was no different. The Moxy seemed to cater to those who wanted a fun get away. I checked in at the bar where I was offered a complimentary cocktail. Yes, check in was at the bar. I arrived at about 7pm on a Sunday, and it was a very simple check in process. The staff was nice and friendly. Feeling like a guest makes a huge difference, especially when trying out a new hotel. Did I mention this is literally a new hotel? Many of you may not have heard of it or seen it while you were at SDCC.

From what I could tell just from the lobby, it was a nautical theme, with two floors, games to play and a full bar. It was very eye catching. Here are some photos I took from the lobby area.

This is really just a snap shot of how awesome we found the lobby. Not only was there shuffle board, there was a giant game of Connect 4 to play, Tic Tac Toe as well as some old school video games. I personally played Pac Man. I couldn’t resist.

The rooms all are the same, queen beds only, so these rooms may not be for the crowd that like to all stay in the same room together. Perhaps 2 people, 3 if you don’t mind a bit of being cramped. The view was just of the city. It wasn’t anything spectacular. So if you plan on coming to SDCC or just visiting San Diego, CA I would indeed recommend checking out The Moxy. I wouldn’t call it luxury, but definitely fun, and hey, if you’re at Comic Con or vacation, you should be trying to have some fun right?

Jodi Whittaker is Doctor Who

Jodi Whittaker has taken over the helm of Doctor Who. Whittaker has become the first female Doctor ever and she is doing an amazing job. Even as a woman I was skeptical, after all my Doctor is Matt Smith. It was a Christmas timeh and I decided to figure out exactly what Doctor Who was all about on the BBC channel.

I instantly became hooked. The zany crazy things he always got himself into and out became something I enjoyed regularly. I found him to be perfect as the Doctor (as I have seen clips online). I watched his season and then lost interest on the 12th season.

Enter the announcement of Jodi Whittaker. I thought this was an awesome idea, and it lived up to everything it possibly could. Jodi brings something to the show I haven’t seen before. The way she speaks the dilemmas she finds herself in, perfectly follow how the Doctor would handle it. Though to me her delivery is amazing. Jodi is hard to not like, though I am not speaking for everyone. I totally enjoy watching the show.

Her companions are great, fun, and always there for her. We still don’t know much about the Doctor, but we know her mannerisms, where she’s from and we know about regeneration. I don’t think we need to need much more expect what we are going to find ourselves in each week.

Be sure to catch the New Years special. I think it’s going to be great. As always its on BBC. The first Doctor you watch, becomes your Doctor.

Comic-Con Hotelapocalypse fails

See hotel del Coronado above.  Photo Credit: Caprice Conley

The lotto for hotels during Comic-Con has come and gone.  Many did not receive an email, many didn’t get into any hotels and have kindly wait-listed.  Some got a whole lot of tears.

It’s hard, I know, to truly understand that  when a company, and definitely if it’s a Comic-Con company (or doing their dirty work) says their process is going to be randomized, that it REALLY will be random.  If we could all just accept that it might hurt a little less.

I always expect to get the worst hotel not on my list.  That’s how true randomization works.  It makes no sense.  I also don’t feel I have to be in the Gaslamp packed in there like a bunch of sardines.

Getting out out Mission Valley is not that bad.  I’m staying here now (I travel) and it’s quiet, and very accessible to the convention center area.  If you can score parking or hop on a trolley, you’ll be fine.  Don’t drop all the shelter islands and Coronado island hotels.  They are beautiful.  Having time to decompress might actually be nice.

San Diego Without Comic-Con


For many of us the one time we come to San Diego is when the yearly Comic-Con convention takes place here.  Hundreds of thousands of people descend on the Gaslamp district, in search of the pop culture mecca that is San Diego.

But what about visiting when there is no convention.  What about Comic Non?  I’m spending a week here, and it’s a very bustling town with a lot do to, even without the con.  It has a lot of culture and amazing food. It is also the best time to check out the hotels that you may be staying in during the beloved convention.

That is one of the things I’m doing while I am down here.  Last night I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Its usually a hotel that is always picked on the hotel lottery, but not that many people get it.  It is a party hotel, and for me that isn’t ideal.  However in off season it was great.  The bed was comfy and it was nice and roomy.  I also found out that you can rent a dj system or guitars if you feel the need.  I thought that was pretty awesome.

Today I’ve moved over to the Keating hotel.  A quaint hotel with the feel of Palm Springs and sounds of New York City.  It is right in the heart of the Gaslamp district.  In walking distance of all the spots you would ever want to get to.

I just happen to be staying here on the day where the Padres are playing the Dodgers at the ever accessible Petco Park ( sorry no zombies this time).  Luckily we can walk there, as traffic is crazy during this type of event.  In all honesty, the Comic-Con organizers do a much better job of directing traffic than regular event planners. Last night was almost impossible to get to the Hard Rock.  We made it, but it wasn’t pretty.  And when there is a baseball game letting out, the foot traffic is insane. Oh and one way roads everywhere don’t help, nope.  Not one bit.

I’d also like to mention a great place for breakfast, in addition to the amazing Richard Walkers for pancakes.  A ways up on 5th street is a place called Snooze.  Great food, mostly breakfast.  They are big on using cage free eggs, recycled paper, and saving where ever they can.  I like that in a restaurant.  It was definitely fresh tasting and had a great selection of food.  Highly recommend.

So if you enjoy coming to San Diego Comic Con in July, its definitely worth it to stay in San Diego when the convention is not ongoing so that you an truly enjoy the city.  It won’t have sci-fi cafe’s everywhere or giant Viking boats in random places, but you will definitely find a lot of fun things to do.