The Hoverboard Lexus Built

The Hoverboard Lexus Built
Well, is it possible? It’s 2015 right, I mean, we should be hoverboarding by now for sure. That’s what they told us back in 1989 during Back to the Future. It’s the future and 2015. We definitely have the technology to build it.
That’s exactly what Lexus did as part of its “Amazing in Motion” campaign. It hired an outside contractor to build the board, and it actually works. However, only in a controlled setting. The particular hoverboard we see in the video is generating magnetic levitation combining the effects of liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. Regardless, I’m impressed.
“At Lexus, we constantly challenge ourselves and our partners to push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International, in a statement. “That determination, combined with our passion and expertise for design and innovation, is what led us to take on the Hoverboard project. It’s the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design and imagination.”

Lexus is not alone, more companies join in the future.
Lexus is not alone in its Back to the Future 2 nod. Later this year Nike plans to release power shoe laces, similar to those that Marty McFly puts on in the film. Well, we’ll see about that, I’m sure laces are more doable than a hoverboard.

Well now we just wait, we still do have a little over 6 months left before 2015 is over. My guess is that Nike will deliver with the laces. I’m not positive on the hoverboard.
What do you think, are power laces the next thing of the future, or is a hoverboard?

Kelly Sue Deconnick Leaves Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers will never be the same.
Kelly Sue Deconnick will be leaving the Captain Marvel series. At HeroesCon the writer announced that she will not continue on with Captain Marvel after Secret Wars this fall. Sighs could be heard around the room from her legion of fans.
Deconnick explained that once the Captain Marvel film was announced she would have to ” dig in for three more years or drop the mic.”
Deconnick made some changes when she took over writing Carol Danvers. Most notably changing her name from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel. She also implemented a costume change.
Deconnick has made a huge impact on the series with fans calling themselves “Carol Corps”. The film has even taken on the Captain Marvel name, which shows just how powerful her influence has been to the series.

Inside Out Coming to Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity is shaping up to be a real platform game.  With the addition of Star Wars, Tron and now, Disney’s upcoming movie, it seems like there is no end to the juggernaut.

What’s great about the addition of Inside out is that it’s not just a re-hashing of the film.  It’s more like a sequel.  And that is great game play for me.  I find myself bored if I’m playing through a game that I’ve already watched in a movie form, and therefore know what is going to happen.

The Inside Out playlet is a bit different than other sets in the fact that it has a platform feel to it.  And that is ok by me.  I grew up on platforms and some times it’s nice to be able to kick back and just play.

All the characters will have special abilities.  Anger can run across lava, Disgust can high jump, Fear runs quickly and Joy can glide across long gaps while Sadness can walk across clouds.

Tomorrowland is Better Than it’s Box Office Numbers

I’m not sure what folks were expecting to get from the Tomorrowland film. Were they expecting to see Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland from the theme park come to life? I went into the theater expecting to see exactly what I saw. A place that was in a different dimension, a land in “tomorrow'” if you will, where the people there had the genius and creativity to dream up and make into a reality a better world.
A better tomorrow.
There had been much hype about this film in the years leading up to it, from when we got first glimpse of the mysterious box found that was supposedly Walt’s at D23.Interesting items that made sense for the film. Absolutely plausible too.
For me, it was the thought, the idea, that a place such as this could exist. Where people actually want to do good, and create. You could read into this movie with all the subliminal messages about our current situation in the world today, but thats not the point that Tomorrowland is , trying to convey.
Sometimes you can try to change people’s minds yet it doesn’t always work. When faced with imminent destruction only a few will step up and try to make a change. Sadly most will accept it.
I plan to see the film again. It was visually stunning. And while some say the story wasn’t there, perhaps they needs one imagination. Of their own .

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