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Halloween is Almost Here, Check out these Haunts

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of year. The creativity that comes out in people is astonishing. Now Halloween isn’t for everyone but for everyone who it is for, here are a few local haunts that you can visit if you’ve already been to Halloween Horror Nights, Dark Harbor, Haunted Hay Ride and of course, my favorite, Night of the Jacks.

If you are wondering where is “local” for us, it would be in California a bit north of Los Angeles. I’ll list a few, just by name and location, if you need more information feel free to DM me on Twitter.

The Bone Yard, it is in Simi Valley, CA and it is on Halloween night only.

The Haunt at Hellizonde, also in Simi Valley CA

A Haunting on Hill Canyon, Thousand Oaks CA

Murder House Productions, Thousand Oaks CA. I did go to this one last night and I do have pictures on our Instagram and Twitter. This is a small but scary “production”. They are small, but they sure do know how to do Halloween. You can see a walk through on our Facebook page, group and Twitter if you can’t make it. It’s worth it and it doesn’t cost a things for this great experience.

Morning Rose Manner, Simi Valley CA October 1-31

That was just a small list, there is quite a bit more. Being from Connecticut, Halloween was a very big part of my childhood. Now being in California, I have found some very very amazing walk throughs, photo ops, and attractions.

If you’d like more detail feel free to ask.